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Can someone provide explanation ...

by Jim3222 - 3/6/13 11:14 AM

Trying to understand internet connections. I went to the advanced settings of Google Chrome Sync. It says that I have 74 open tabs. YET the actual browser window has only 3 tabs open, and one is for this forum. I do have 2 extensions added to Chrome. One is for Task list in Google Calendar and the other is a language translator.

I use Kaspersky Pure 2.0 and using the Network monitor it will show like highs of around 72 open connections for 'Chrome' that doesn't include other applicatons like Kaspersky or any other application that may be accessing the net when in fact I've only had like 4 tabs or so open.

But I also get an incredible number of connections (mid 50's the few times I've tried it) showing when I use Mozilla Firefox and there is nothing added to that like extensions etc.

Hoping that someone would be kind enough to explain why there are all these connections.

Thank you.

Have a Great Day,