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Installed Windows 7, Connected Ipad, Mouse Now Does Not Work

by Phil424 - 2/8/13 4:15 PM

Hello yet again! I have just installed a new 500GB HD and a fresh copy of windows 7 home edtion on my Gateway GT5408. Did all the updates, downloaded what I needed too and then I connect my IPad, and the computer freezes, then comes back and says the device is not reccongised. I go to click the bubble to try and gain further details and my mouse can no longer be detected, along with my ipad. The mouse was working perfectly fine until I went to connect my ipad. What the hell is going on? I tryed deleteing all usb drivers and restarting but it did not work. My printer is the only thing that still works. I've tryed switching ports to no avail. I'm now using an old mouse plugged into the mouse port. Please help!