kirking out here. can he tell that i looked?!

by jenihendrix - 2/5/13 6:48 PM

i'd been checking out this friend of a friend of a friend's social media sites, and i liked what i saw. so i sent him a message from an anonymous yahoo account. he's kind of a tech geek [which i love], but now i'm paranoid cause i was recently on his myspace page and i got some kind of virus. and now i've got da paranoia. i know he's smart, really smart, but i'm not sure how smart exactly. is it possible that he tracked the email to my computer?! is it possible that he knows i've been on his social media sites [which are semi-private] and put the virus on his myspace so i would get it?! the timing is so weird and now i'm kirking out. is it even possible for him to do any of the stuff i just mentioned?! i'm kind of technologically challenged myself, although i do know how to research ppl on the net. and i mean he could have done a better job of hiding his profiles. hey if they're out there, i'm gonna look at them. i'm freaking out here, somebody answer me please cause i know very little about online tracking and all that jazz.