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Samsung ssd 250GB 840 Series can't get configured

by chkmatr - 2/3/13 4:13 PM

I've had my ssd installed in my computer for over 3 wks now and still cant seem to get it configured. I would like to make it my primary drive and put my os on it. Win 7 64 on a fairly high performance system. I'll tackle a bios upgrade in a heartbeat and I've built many nice systems but this time I've had some money to throw at it, so I really don't want to be the one pushing the wrong button or the wrong command...thats really what it comes down to. Its not top of the line but far from bargain basement too.
Asus mobo P8Z77-V lk
IBM 2nd gen. dual core i3 processor
16 gigs memory
2 GeForce Video Cards Bridged
Dual 19" Flat Screen Monitors because I wanted to see what it looked like lol
2 T hdd
500 gig external seagate hdd for back-ups
250GB Samsung 840 Series SSD Installed but not configured
Down the road a little i5 then i7 and 16G more mem.
I was a little put out when I opened the box and Samsung recommended Norton Ghost at the tune of $70. Don't get me wrong...their my choice for protection Norton 360 but not after spending 200 + on a ssd. Anyway I've half heartedly tried Windows because I know its set up for ssd but I cant get past the new computer old computer part instead of new drive old drive.Bottom line is I want to talk to someone with a heartbeat and more knowledge (not hard) than me. There's the rub...I've tried samsung for almost the entire 3 wks to talk to a live person. I've tried and I talk to live people right up to the point I choose ssd then it seems like everyone's gone fishing...they stick me in a "loop" from.....well you know where I'm going with that. I just need some help...thx