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no control of computer

by JackieTMT - 2/1/13 10:13 PM

I really messed up. I have a Dell all in one running Windows 7. I have a wireless printer that worked for two years and suddenly wouldn't print though it showed connected and showed excellent strength. I uninstalled the printer and then reinstalled. It took me many attempts and I finally got it to recognize and install the printer. Looked like everything should work but when I printed a test page nothing would print. I would run the troubleshooter and it would say driver not found but then it would find it and say all was good. So in looking at help it said it might be because of my firewall. So I turned off my firewall. Shut down the computer and brought it all back up. That printer no longer showed up as a printer. However my pc showed as being troubleshooting and when I would go through that it indicates that printer driver needed loaded. That printer showed up as a new network printer I could add but when I would go through all of that the printer still didn't show up but my desktop showed up as a device that needed troubleshooting.

This is where the frustration of dealing with this all day led me to do something stupid....I clicked removed device. It even warned me that the mouse and keyboard might not work. But I thought there is no way they let you "remove device" and then you lose control of the actual computer. But, it did.

I have restarted it in normal mode and in safe mode. Other than being able to use the keyboard to pick which mode I have no way to do anything.

Can anyone help?


Forgot the printer is a wireless hp