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Help! Can't open Yahoo, but connection is fine..

by Oren21 - 1/11/13 3:52 AM

I've been having this problem for the last few days.
I'm unable to load several websites that I often visited, like yahoo. I can open yahoo homepage, but when I click on an article, it takes sooo long to load and it doesn't load properly. Images and words are distorted. Anything to do with yahoo, like yahoo answers, omg!yahoo, opening an article, etc. won't load at all. Error 324 will come up on chrome. Tried with firefox, same issue. Another web that I have trouble with is an airline web. I had a problem with facebook the other day, but somehow it fixes itself today.

I have 3 laptops and they are all connected to the same wifi. Only 1 works perfectly (windows). The other two, a toshiba and a mac, are having this problem. I didn't do anything to change the set-up or something. It just suddenly refuse to open the page.

I think it's the connection problem... Because when I used my iPhone as a hotspot, everything works fine. I have no idea why the other laptop is working just fine.

I use google chrome as my main browser. At first I thought the problem is with chrome, so I installed firefox as well, but no luck. I tried accessing the webs in safe mode, cleared cookies, cache and history, clear DNS cache, none worked. I did all this on my windows 7 laptop.

Any suggestion on how to fix it?
I'm not very tech-savvy, so please be patient with me when you're explaining it