Resolved question

Cannot Delete PHOTOS From Email Folder

by mike281 - 1/5/13 3:29 PM

I am using Windows 7 and Yahoo for email. In the very left column of the email listings, near the bottom, you can click on "Photos" and the images that you have attached to past emails are shown.

If you click on a photo, you get an option to remove it, along with a note that the email that carried the attachment will also be removed. It says that it will show up in my Recycle Bin for later final removal.

I have checked several email photos and then selected DELETE (trash can) at the top. The photo in question is initially removed from those shown. When I look in the Recycle Bin they are not there. BUT, after leaving the email listings and coming back later, the removed photos are still there. Maybe I don't understand the procedure correctly.

I'd like to remove these old photos that are building up to a very sizable amount! Thanks. Mike