Sony PS3 video settings

by stulovesmolly - 1/3/13 12:10 AM

Hi all

my tv picture can handle 1080i but it's native resolution is merley 852 x 480 i use a HDML cable, i just wanted to know if some one could point me in the right direction with my Sony PS3 settings as i'am not 100% certain i have the right set-up. any help would be great.

BD/DVD-cinema conversion : Automatic

DVD-wide display- Pan & san

BD/DVD-upscaler :normal

BD/DVD-video output format (HDML) - y pb/cb pr/ cr

1080p 24hz output:(HDML) automatic

BD/DVD-dynamic range control : automatic

BD/DVD-audio output format (HDML) - linear pcm

BD-audio output format / optical digital - linear pcm

50 hz video output : automatic

(Sound setting)

Audio multi- output : off