Resolved question

Random shutdowns

by Banes3 - 11/23/12 7:08 PM

For the last 4 days I have been trying to find out what's wrong with my computer and fix it. Starting on the 18th my computer began just shutting itself off on its one with no warning. Sometimes it can be on for a few hours, sometimes only a minute or two. But no matter what it will shut off on its own. I replaced the power source only a few months back when I upgraded my video card so now I'm running a 12v. Also troubleshooter will not work at all nor will windows update. My specs are:
AMD Athlon X4 640 processor
AMD Radeon HD 6670
Windows 7 Home Premium

I've also come across a few codes over the last few days in different places:
I spent all day 8am-530pm removing and re-installing programs. Did a sys defrag with a result of 0% fragmentation, security scan which took 1 1/2 hrs and 1,028,746 items scanned with no threats detected. After all this I fire her up and jump on Star Wars the Old Republic (low graphics setting)for a bit of relaxing down time as well as running Ventrilo to chat with some friends to test it out. Lasted 2 hours and poof my computer is off again. If I was a doctor I would recommend a 20lb sledge and a stiff drnk but then I would be out a nice chunk of change, so any help would be nice also here's the numbers from BIOS that I got when I checked earlier:
CPU temp 47c
Mb temp 30c
Vcore volt 1.36
3.3v volt 3.29
5v volt 4.96
12v volt 11.97
Fan auto start 5.0v
Fan auto start speed temp 25c
Fan auto full speed temp 55c