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Another computer showing up on my network - hacked?

by Moosekateer - 11/16/12 8:22 AM

Hi. Have a quick question, re: something I'm just starting to see on my network map.

I payload on a the public wireless of a coffee shop as they are my landlord. Until today, whenever I checked my network map it showed just my computer, connected to the public wireless, connected to the internet.

Today, another computer has shown up. On the network map, the icon for this PC appears below mine. Both our PC's show double-dotted lines connecting to the wireless. There is a single dotted line joining both our double-dotted line (like a backwards "C").

So, am I being hacked? Does this computer have access to mine? How do I either get rid of it and/or protect myself, etc.

As mentioned, in 6 months, this has never happened before, so it's a bit of a flag for me.

Many thanks.