Tablets. Love 'em, Hate 'em?

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/15/12 11:04 AM

As we pass the few year mark for tablets a recurring misconception I encounter is what I'll try to be kind and call the "uninformed buyer."

The most common misconception and one user is the first year college student that wants to get a tablet instead of the laptop. Those a little more seasoned will see where this falls apart.

That might change a little with Windows 8 RT as you do get Office in that deal but as we saw what happened with Windows Phone, you worry that MSFT will do the same with their first tablets (see bus and the buyers tossed under same.)

Do some research BEFORE you buy any tablet. Be ready to return it if it doesn't work for you. The makers deserve the returns since it show them where they failed and where they got it right. covers many aspects of the top tablets today. Worth reading.