Resolved question

I have been having issues with staying connected

by txglitterangel1975 - 11/7/12 6:42 PM

I have been having issues with staying connected to the internet. Every other pc or game system has no problem but my pc. When i went to the Network Map it shows my pc and at the bottom there is this other divice that I have NEVER seen before and it says it can not be placed in the map. Then if i click on it i get a message telling me "Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, ther emight be a problem with my network. TO try to identify and reslove network problems, click Diagnose. So i did and then it tells me theres all kinds of problems with my moden adn so on.. I dont kow where it came form and I dont know how to get rid of it cause no matter what i click on it wont take me there. I believe that this is the reason I dont stay connected because it is trying toconnect that other divice. Can someone please help me. This just started in August before that I had absolutly no problem with my computer.
Thank You