Resolved question

Facebook pull-downs don't work and the messages area's blank

by hey_fritters - 11/3/12 2:47 PM

I recently let my computer upgrade my Firefox from 16.0.1 to 16.0.2. Once I did, every single page I went to loaded but came up completely blank. I tried Firefox's suggestions on fixing it and nothing worked so I went back to 15 and then upgraded to my previously working version, 16.0.1. I've only had one problem since. My pull-downs on Facebook don't work, the messages page comes up blank, and lots of other little things don't work either, like comments on certain pages or the "endless page loading" on my friends pages (I can only see the top few updates, the rest doesn't load.) It works fine on Chrome, but I hate losing all my plugins to go to Chrome from Firefox when only one site doesn't work. Since then I've turned off all my add-ons, deleted my history, removed my cache and cookies, utterly removed Firefox and reinstalled from scratch again, after deleting EVERY item on my hard drive with the word Mozilla attached. I've updated my Flash, my Java, my QuickTime, my Direct X and my Adobe reader plug in. I've tried to roll back my system, but I've been working on this too long and it won't go back far enough. I've run the windows malware scanner (full scan) and Malwarebytes scanner as well (full scan), with no problems found. I'm out of suggestions. What can I do to get my Facebook to work again on Firefox 16.0.1? I'm on Windows 7 (64) Home Edition, BTW.