Mozy Froze My Whole System

by Ripstreat - 11/5/10 9:40 AM

On Sept 23rd at 4:22pm my Whole computer system just died. Back in April; I Had taken a Trial Run of Mozy's Back-up Offer. It ran out and I Did Not Renew it. They had not backed my system for months Until Sept.
I Got back online thru a "Backdoor: you might say; and went to my yahoo mail; where I saw that just in 1 week, Mozy had Emailed Me twice; saying that something happened to their Server, and that I would have to reinstall Mozy.
My Probleb is That I Am Restoring Files to my Computer, But I Cannot get most open. The Main one is My Add or Remove Programs; as I Have an older System, and Am Running out of Hard Drive Memory.
I Could Really Use Any Help!!
Thanks..Terry Van Winkle