Any way to make hard drive / partition bootable again?

by bingkean - 6/19/09 10:50 PM

Just wondering because I installed windows on my hard drive (C:\), but then I installed windows media center on my D:\ drive. I then figured I didn't need the first installation, so I formatted C:\, and I guess I deleted a boot record or something in doing so. I tried FIXBOOT D:\ in the recovery console, but already installed windows again on C:\...anyway it only boots up the C:\ one now. I would like to have the choice to boot into D:\ too still. I tried FIXMBR, but it gave me a warning about not being able to access any partition if I continued possibly. So I did not try to go further. Anyone know anything I can do? I know it's kind of dumb because I have a windows to work, but I would like to get things off my old XP accounts and my firefox history from the other partition. It seems like making it bootable again is the easiest way if that's possible.