How to uninstall a pre-installed Office 2007 trial?

by pepoluan - 2/20/09 6:26 PM


My company just bought 5 HP dx7400 Microtowers. They came with Windows XP pre-installed. Good. Unfortunately, they also came with Office 2007 Trial pre-installed. Bad.

So, I tried uninstalling Office 2007 Trial and Office 2007 Trial Assistant. Okay. Next, I installed Office 2003. No problem here.

But the problem starts afterwards: I can't install Office 2003 SP2 or SP3 on that computer. The SP2 & SP3 installer complained something about "Office 2003 not installed" (or something to that effect).

For that computer, I zapped the hard disk and do a clean Windows XP install followed by an Office 2003 install, and all is well. But it sure is tedious.

Is there a better way than performing a total re-install?

Inputs will be greatly appreciated.