Monitor shuts down after short time, have to reset

by bluegargoyle - 9/21/08 9:40 PM

Suddenly a few days ago my computer started shutting off the signal to the monitor with no warning. I kept having this problem where the monitor would lose signal but the computer stayed on. At first I assumed my video card had gone bad. In the course of trying to check all my connections it appears I fried my hard drive, because the computer wouldnt detect it any more. Tested the connections, etc- all good- but when I stuck a new drive in it saw it immediately. I also reinstalled the operating system from scratch, so I dont think its a windows problem (Win XP Home) or a virus.

Anyway, Once I got the HDD working again I tried putting in old video cards to see if that would help. My current card is an nVidia 6600 GT, I tried mt old 5600 FX and my really old Riva TNT2 and neither one turned on the monitor at all. The problem keeps getting worse, and ow if I leave the PC alone for a day or so it starts up again and works for a bit, but eventually the monitor goes dead again.

It seemed like an overheating problem, except that if the CPU was overheating I think the whole system would shut off- everything stays powered on, its just that the monitor loses signal suddenly. I did pull off the CPU fan and clean out the heat sink with compressed air, clean the fan off and apply a fresh coat of Arctic Silver III and reinstall it. Again, it worked for a while and then the monitor went dead again.

My system is an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ on an MSI KT4 Ultra mobo. I built it 6 years ago and Ive started looking for parts to build a new box, but Id like to get this one working agai to give to my kids.

Note: I have the MSI D-bracket installed, and when it starts to act up again and wont bring up the monitor, I see that the 4 lights on the bracket are all red and it styas that way. This indicates the system power is on, and the mobo manual says the system will hang here if the processor is damaged or installed wrong. So in theory thats my whole problem, but why would a damaged CPU cause the monitor signal to shut off suddenly? Im wondering if the mobo itself may be damaged.

My buddy at work builds his own too, and tomorrow hes gonna bring me his old AMD 2400+ and whatever mobo it was installed in before he pulled it. So I can try swapping out my CPU first to see if that fixes it, and if not then pull everything apart and put in his mobo (I think its an ECS). Any advice or tips appreciated.