Windows Media Player 9 Playing like Chipmunks

by ramroopk - 5/23/07 10:00 PM

Well I currently have Windows Media Player 9 (WMP9) and I am having a problem with it. K, well there are music files that I downloaded and keep on my computer and when I play it in WMP9 they work great! but there is this one song that is sounding like chipmunks everytime I play it in WMP9. But when I transferred the song to my laptop and played in on the laptop it works great. Also I have noticed that when I want to play some songs on the web (songs that you can listen to on line), it would also play like chipmunks, but if I go on another site and listen to songs with the same player it would work great. The drivers are updated, and i rebooted my computer 3 times already, can someone please help me. It is frustrating when it only happens on certain websites but on individual mp3 file. I did all the things in the control panel, I don't know what else to do. My laptop and the desktop have the same widows media but the laptop works great and the desktops make no sense. Thanks, I have Windows XP, on both computers.