FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, IE & Digitally Challenged Senior

by Roy Stewart - 2/26/05 8:49 AM

Found original post inadequate so decided to create new line.
Running HP Pavilion with IE, my machine bogged into a useless condition. . . my computer guru removed more than 400 items of 'Hijacking Software' from my Drives.
He installed both AdAware and SpyBot. The incidence of unwanted intrusions dropped dramatically.

SpyBot developed a glitch, ie. "When update complete, this window will close automatically", the window never closed, often resulting in re-booting the machine.
Located and installed Spyware Blaster which is performing flawlessly.

Discouraged by trouble with Norton, I purged 'Norton' after successfully installing AVG anti-virus Home Edition. Very satisfied despite a few abberrations experienced during transition to new version of AVG. Updates are automatic.

My Son suggested I try FireFox, which downloaded but would not install. Some days later I purged all FireFox related material I could find and downloaded a fresh FireFox-Mozilla suite.
Voila. . . installation was magical, including functional browsers for Netscape, FireFox and Mozilla.
With the 'Mozilla Suite' I see no: "due to unusual incident, IE will close and send error report to Microsoft.
Now, if I could be so fortunate as to find a Web-Page design/publish source I could understand, those musty old Domains, gathering dust on GoDaddy's Servers, would commence their march to unseat/dethrone Google, eBay, Amazon, and the other giants!
Incidentally all my searches originate through 'Dogpile'. I fell in love with Dogpile's 'Pile of dogs' original Logo!
Roy Stewart, Phoenix AZ