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Have some money I need to spend at CDW or Zones

by gdnorm - 2/8/13 4:05 PM

Hey all-

Been looking through threads for a bit, but since this is a more specific question I thought I might as well post it. My job offers 1500$ towards a compy, but the catch is I have to buy through CDW or Zones. I have no idea where to start, but I can tell you what I am looking for if anyone cares to share their opinion on the best way to spend the $$. I like to get a larger format screen (I was thinking along the lines of the Samsung S27A850D 27" Wide LED), and a tower that can take advantage of the screen. Don't really game much, it will mostly be used for daily computing, Netflix, etc, but I might want to be able to connect my PS3. Thoughts? I appreciate all everyone's expertise.

Dave in Seattle