Resolved question

cs6 or printer?

by robstanley02 - 1/25/13 6:37 PM

Hi all. New to the site. I'm told and have seen a print of one photo ( thumbnail size) but showing different exposures. Is this a contact/proof sheet? I want to print a series of the one photo at different exposures on the one sheet. I can do this the long way, but I'm told I can do this through drop down boxes on my computer. I' running CS6 and a Canon Pixma MG6150 inkjet printer. The sheet I've seen has 5 thumbnails of the same shot and printed below them is the stop adjustments. ie; -1, -.5, 0, +.5, +1. I hope I've explained this clearly. Can I achieve this on my gear or is it another piece of software or plugin? Hope someone can advise me. Thanks everyone.