Best overall PC for reliability and service

by cranheim - 1/2/10 7:53 PM

I have been using a Dell 8200 Desktop for about 6 years, and need to get a backup as a replacement PC. Reliability and service are important to me. I felt my Dell has been reliable based on the number of problems I had with it, but the service went down hill when it went to India. It appears from what I read in other forums, the Dell service has not improved, and the shipping schedules are not being met. I would like to buy a reliable PC that has good telephone parts and service support. I know this a lot to ask, but I would appreciate any suggestions based on your experiences. I thought of going to Best Buy electronics store, but I am afraid if I purchase a warranty agreemet, they could go out of business before it expires. Are there any PC's that will offer a factory warranty if it is purchased locally? I purchased a Canon Multi-Function machine locally, and a service agreement from the manufacturer. That has worked out very well. If I could find something similar in a PC, it would be great.