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Windows 8 on my Asus Q200e: Turning off multi-touch

by willivon4 - 2/2/13 6:34 AM

I'd been poking around for almost a year about an eventual replacement for my Asus EeePC . 1000HA, XP netbook, an Atom N-270 32 bit single core machine. I had settled on an HP 11.6" machine when my son pointed out the Q200e in the Bestbuy add on Thanksgiving day. I was so impressed that I called the local store to check their stock the next day, drove over, was directed to the demo unit, fiddled with the touchscreen for ~5 minutes and I was hooked. I went over to the dept desk and got my 1 of 2 left boxed unit and was out of there with it in~ 15 min. total.
I have a couple of issues though. I find I have a problem with the multi-touch. I tend to accidentally brush the edge of my palm across the touchpad and voila the screen magically zooms in or out. It's a real pain when you're typing text that matters to you and have to stop your train of thought to fix it, especially when you're not exactly expert at it like me. Is there a way to turn it off for the times one is going to be doing extensive text entry? I have to say it's really nice to scroll up and down on webpages with the touchscreen.
Another thing, I'm a Freecell addict and I like the "App" accessed from the "mobile - like" start screen. Are those "apps" client programs that access the program on a cloud server to run or fully operable disconnected from the internet like previous versions that were included in windows 7 and earlier?
Also how do you change to login to desktop vs start screen and still be able to get back to the remote apps "start screen" via the Windows key?