by JiniOnline - 1/15/13 4:07 AM

You needn't reinstall Windows 8 to fix a majority of system problems you may face from time to time. Instead, you can utilize the 'Refresh' and 'Reset' option. Both the options are reminiscent to the 'Restore to Factory Default' option in a mobile device. Whereas the 'Refresh' option preserves your files and installed programs; the 'Reset' option deletes them and takes back you PC to the day it was first purchased. So it's always advisable to 'Refresh' the PC first and keep the 'Reset' option as a last resort.
To choose between these, you need to know about what the actual problem is with your Windows 8 PC.

How to 'Refresh' or 'Reset':

If your computer is working fine you can access these options from the Windows 8 Control Panel or from the classic Control Panel. Otherwise you can access the same from the boot option menu via the PC Settings.