Windows 8 - Worth It for a Non-professional?

by OllieSam - 11/9/12 8:21 PM

Well, always wanting to be the first on the block to try something new I purchased the Windows 8 upgrade and installed it online over my Windows 7 system. Took a little under 2 hours to install and everything looked fine during the transition. Only issues were I had no internet connection, could not access Windows live mail, and in general could not figure out how to use the new Windows system. I initially contacted my cable company for assistance with the mail program. They could not assist me as they had no information yet on the new operating system. I was transferred to Dell computers [someone in India]. They could not help me and I was transferred to Microsoft [someone in China whom could not understand me and vice versa]. I decided to give it a break and tackle the issue the following day. I figured out how to get my internet up and running. I downloaded the Outlook 2013 program and had mail [though I could not migrate my old mail from Windows Live Mail to Outlook Mail nor export my contacts list. it takes a lot of getting used to - there are few guides out and since the system is so new - little help from cable providers and even Microsoft. Sort of a hunt and peck way of learning. After a week I almost have the new system figured out but truthfully, wish I had not been so gung ho to jump into it when Windows 7 worked just fine. But no going back now. Latest issue is with my Outlook mail. Worked yesterday. Not working well today. System keeps informing me I am working offline though I have tried to troubleshoot it to get it back online. I found a work a round to retrieve the mail but will continue to pursue the correct way to get my email automatically once again. Have not been able to find any 'settings' applications to change the offline to online status. Must be me.
Just a word of advice - if you are not very familiar with programming or troubleshooting i'd not advise installing the new Windows 8 at this time until it has been out on the market and the bugs worked out [or at least knowledgeable people t answer questions. It is so uniquely different than earlier Windows OS and is something to be reckoned with. Lots of hype and advertising on TV about it but be patient and wait until it comes of age. It is not very intuitive and can not carry many programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Luckily it provides a document entitled 'Removed Apps' for those programs it will not migrate to the new OS. Most interesting all of this. I think of my self as a knowledgable person when it comes to figuring things out and troubleshooting but as a non-programmer/professional this has definitely presented its challenges for a lay person.
As they say 'Let The Buyer Beware'
Good luck to all the curious who venture forth into the Windows 8 world.
P.S. - am waiting for the Windows 8 for Dummies to appear in print. lol