Ever wonder why makers don't update the OS?

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/27/13 10:38 AM

I'm going to go near the line of the forum policy here and top post a link then add my comments about a subject I think many consumers are blissfully unaware of.

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I think the article at http://www.androidauthority.com/how-android-updates-released-htc-infographic-kitkat-327516/ covers a lot of ground but let me take it one step further and then upset a lot of folk. Ready?

-> You may never get another update from the maker of your Android phone or device after the first year. Maybe never if the device is in its sunset age.

Why? Money. It's that simple. If you read the article it's costly for the makers to go through all those steps and there is no revenue to update old products. Yes you will hear the argument that folk won't buy that brand again but this issue applies to all the makers so is that person going to swear off all the makers?

Remember I stated this update would be from the devices maker. Let's hope others will note what I will next and add more about OTHER THAN MAKER updates.

-> For example I have a pair of 10 inch g tablets that were pretty outdated. I went over to XDA Developers and found a few candidates for updating to a pretty new Android. I had to try a few but found some version that was just a version or two older than the current and these are now pretty current.

But that update is far too technical for most folk. And even I won't do that for others because I'm suddenly being asked to support something I never signed up for.

OK, what are you thinking?