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Alright. It's time to root my EVO.

by Jack_Murray_66 - 2/6/13 2:15 PM

I have been stalling for some reason, and now I am ready to rock and roll. So as I have been doing for the last year, whenever I want to do something involving electronics of any kind, I come to CNET.
Please correct me if I am wrong:

1. My initial step is to download "UnrEVOked." I enter the site and click on my Sprint Evo pic and it has two options, Unrevoked3(cubed?) and Unrevoked forever. I have just downloaded to my desktop cubed.

2. Follow steps on a youtube video.

3. Find the ROM that looks like it best suits me. I seem to be seeing Mazwoz as the more recent popular ROM. And I keep hearing Digital Karma. Does anyone have an opinion or is anyone able to lead me to a Letterman-like Top 10 EVO roms list, with some sort of detail?

4. I was talking to a guy, he had a Galaxy so I am not sure if it's available for EVos, but as he swiped around his home screens, they rotated, almost cyclone like in nature. Any ideas as to what that was?

5. Is there a location to find out which apps for rooted EVOs are best, for instance using the phone as a hot spot, do you need an app for that?

Sorry if there's too much here, and any help you could give me and any other amateurs we would greatly appreciate. I've already procrastinated a little so it looks like I'm going to get started first thing tomorrow. BTW How long does it usually take soup to nuts?