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HELP do you turn off hotel mode on a panasonic

by Betweenthebara - 8/9/13 4:17 PM I'm at a hampton inn and I would like to change the picture brightness level but the remote won't let me access that function. The picture lights up when there is more ambient lighting,
But with all the lights off the picture brightness is too low. I imagine this is fixed by hitting the "viera tools" button on my remote, but when I do nothing after a google search I learned about hotel mode. I'm just wondering how I can access the necessary menu option on the tv so that I can **** off the automatic ambient light sensor and brighten the picture manually? I just don't want to mess up the actual cable programming, or else I would have tried a few things. Thank you very much in advance.

Tv model # : panasonic TH-37LRU5
Remote model #: N2QAYB000485

p.s. sorry about the length of question. Haha.