Panasonic VT50 warning

by stevensmm - 2/5/13 12:09 AM

I have a very bad experience with my new Pana V50 and prefer to share this experience to warn people.

After 2 months of waiting I received last year my new Pana VT50 55'' television. Wonderful specs, wonderfull image.
After 3 months of usage the logo of Disney channel appeared on the screen (only when very light images are displayed). Important to mention that the TV is only used for regular home usage. With some difficulties the TV was replaced with a brand new model (had to miss the tv for another 2 months).
To avoid again the 'burning' issue I was very carefull.
Turned down the contrast, turned on the build in safety against burning (was also activate on previuos tv), activate that screen automatically turns of when not used for 2 hours, weekly disconnected the power.
BUT after 2 weeks the same Disney channel appears again. This time Panasonic refuses to help.....

Very disappointed. I don't mind paying extra toi have the best image but now I end up with a expensive TV with a less than average image.