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Panasonic KX-TG4021 - Has dial tone, but can't answer, dial

by pcraine - 2/2/13 3:22 PM

We have a KX-TG4021 with three handsets that have worked fine for a year, but for the second time now, we can't dial out or answer calls. The phone rings, but we can't hear anyone. When we dial out, there is a dialtone, but after dialing the dialtone continues - no call is made.

When this happened last time, I think I just unplugged the power to the base unit, then plugged it back in, and that solved it, but this time, it did not work.

We also have a non-cordless phone that never has a problem answering or making calls.

Is there any other fix I can try besides unplugging the power to the base?