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Problems with DMR-HW120 HDD Recorder

by Dandino-UK - 12/29/12 2:32 PM

Just purchased the above from Amazon UK today and now have what appears to be a major problem,
Set up the recorder with my Panasonic TX-P55VT30B TV connected to HDMI 1 of the tv and all went well. It auto tuned and found/stored all Freeview channels. I then watched a few of the channels through the unit without any problems.

I then used the EPG to record a program just for a test. A short while after the program finished recording the
Recorder went into standby. I then turned the recorder back on from the remote control and instantly noticed that the screen was flickering very badly plus it was snowy and the audio wasy cutting in and out.

My first thought was a bad connection so checked every one of them and still no better. I then swapped the HDMI cable for one that I knew was definately working ok, but still no improvement! I have also tried retuning the channels but still no luck. Even when I bring up one of the DMR's menus the TV screen still flickers so I know it's not an incorrectly tuned channel!

I am nown seriously beginning to suspect a faulty unit. Would very much appreciate any feedback you may have to offer on this perplexing problem!?

Many thanks in advance