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Questions about Panasonic SC-BTT190

by jclayton2 - 11/20/12 10:25 AM

Does anyone else have this Blu-Ray home theater system ( I purchased it a couple of months back and while I like it overall, there are a couple of things I can't quite figure out. Namely...

1) Every time I turn on the Blu-Ray player, the television (a Panasonic plasma that's about six years old) automatically switches over to the player's input slot (HDMI 2). Is there any way to prevent this? I would like to it to remain on the input slot that it's already on.

2) And if the TV is already on and I switch on the Blu-Ray player, after I return to the cable input slot, there is no sound. The sound doesn't pop in until, using the Blu-Ray remote, I cycle through each of the television's input slots. Once I finally get back to TV, the sound kicks in.

I have the latest firmware installed.

Has anyone else had these issues or, even better, managed to fix them?