help please gateway

by toshiro6 - 3/23/13 7:48 PM

Ok so my crappy gateway mt6821 (win 7 ultimate 32 bit) is not booting.

It says and i quote,
"Yukon pxe v5.0.4.3 (200060307)
Preboot execution enviroment pxe v2.1
Pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable
Pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom.
Operating system not found."

Yesterday it shut down on me and when i tried to boot it up thats what it said.

My question is can i save it or at least my info on it?
I have been looking around and everything says turn off booting from network but the computer wont let me do that.

If i can't save it can i just wipe it and start over?

Please help.
I would be eternaly gratefull