One hell of angry Toshiba customer!

by acmeglue - 12/18/12 9:35 AM

Toshiba wants to charge me for damage cause by their repairman!

The short version (will post a detailed version soon):
•Bought a Qosmio X775-3Dv80 after Xmas from Amazon last year. Screen went bad the first week. Amazon sent me a new one
•3D and display card went south 2 weeks later on the second one. Amazon sent me another replacement.
•Wifi went out 3 weeks later on the 3rd one
•Toshiba repaired it (reinserted the wifi card)
•5 months later, wifi crapped out again
•Toshiba repaired and sent it back. However, upon reception back from the repair, I found a 2-inch long crack on one corner & a chip on the top cover, prying marks inside (trying to get the keyboard out?), and keyboard not seated all the way in. The shipping package undamaged
•Contacted Toshiba again and was promised a "complementary" one (I didn't ask for it)
•Days later when I called them about it, Tosh rep said NO such RECORD, but told me to send it back for repair.
•I did so last week. Got an email today from Toshiba saying warranty doesn't cover cracks, and wanting $175.99 to fix it. What????
•Called them today and got transferred to a case manager. I spent 30min with him explaining that Toshiba wanted to charge me for damage cause by the repairman, etc. He was like a piece of wood & just kept saying "Toshiba's warranty policy does not cover physical damages.", and repeating: " is there anything else I can help you with?" no matter what I tried to explain.
•The previous rep told me to send it back in for repair instead of sending me a different unit???

I have spent hours upon hours with them in the last three weeks. They all seem to be disconnected among departments, everything is poorly documented, and don't give a **bleep**.

As of now, they still have my laptop (warranty till Feb 2013).

I know Toshiba is a giant international corp, and I am "nobody" to them. I feel powerless, but just want post my outcry, and seek public opinions.

I appreciate any suggestions as well.

Thank for reading.