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FIX Black screen..on startup with continue beeping xp

by yunowork - 8/15/12 2:19 AM

Dell Inspiring 1011 mini )
Any downloads on here for start ups
So my computer had bad POP UPS of web pages for Windows support and Google Chrome only because I had a keyboard error. So I got tired of seeing more and.more pages popping up not allowing me to exit out of them..and my pc was starting to run slow To end it all I held down the on button till shut off. Waited a few days to get back on and on start up theres screen and beeps.. loud and won't stop till I press f5 and or start menu button.. then my pc loads up like usual.. How or where can o get this fix??..don't say dell warranty because this pc is old and the person who owns it does not.believe in virus protection or warranty. To be honest the whole start up should be like new before this problem there was another but the beeping is worse