Erratic Keyboard? Shift key doesn't work? Try this. - edited

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"Erratic Keyboard? Shift key doesn't work? Try this. - New!
by usalaptoprepair - 7/27/07 7:03 PM

You probably just need to reseat your keyboard's connecting cable to the motherboard. First you will have to remove the plastic button strip that is situated across the top of your keyboard. It will either be held on by screws or latching teeth or both. The screws will most likely be the ones on the bottom of the laptop at each corner near the rear of the system, and possibly in the battery compartment. You'll also want to remove the screws from the bottom of the laptop that have a keyboard image next to them. Now carefully pry the plastic button strip off with a non marring tool. Working from the top of the hinges is usually best or on some models under the right hand lip of the stip. Gently twist and lift to remove the panel. Now unscrew the screws holding in the keyboard and it should either angle up towards you, pivoting at it's base or it will slide forward away from you slightly and then pivot up. Now notice that there are probably two very small tabs on each side of the connector where your keyboard's cable connects to the board. Gently push each of those tabs away from the connector or on some laptops you will pull up on a sliver of plastic which will release the cable. Now simply clean the cable's connection points with rubbing alcohol if necessary and reinsert it. Be certain you have pushed the locking tabs back in place or reseated the clasp. Some laptops have an integrated connector on the keyboard's cable and are easier to remove and replace but the ones most likely causing trouble will not. For more major repairs please keep in mind!
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