Re-ENERGIZE your BATTERIEs (Laptop Mods/Hacks Part II)

by server - 5/22/05 8:21 AM

This is part two of operation ''Longevity''
The first installment (
was something I came across on how to keep your
laptop cool by more than just by simply blowing
dust off the heat sinc.

This time, its all about the batteries. We all
know that batteries are the sinlge worst
performing componant in any laptop regardless
of manufacturer. Not only do they perform
poorly, they can also cost dearly. My specific
Sony replacement OEM battery will cost me $399.00!!?
Yeah yeah, I know - buy into $ony and you're buying
into traditional $ony Business Concept of over-priced
parts. Having said that, you can now Rebuild your poor
laptop battery!

''We can rebuild it. We have the
technology. We have the capability to make the an
even better battery. Better than before.
Better . . . stronger . . . faster . . . longer.''

Breathing New Life from an OLD battery:

Battery Replacement Source(s)

And until FuelCell Batteries
are approved for consumer use, we won't be
seeing full day batteries anytime soon so
this looks like to be the next best solution.

#1. Perform at own risk. Batteries can
explode if not careful.
#2. In most cases, or in newer advanced
batteries, there are IC boards that communicate
what the battery state is back to the computer.
a. be very very carefull not to short this board
and b. You may or may not have to re-set the battery
state by performing special commands.

happy hacking!

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