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Sony HX20V camera questions

by blsphere - 8/15/13 6:37 AM

I just have 2 questions regarding the HX20V:

-For a low light or nighttime setting like a concert, what are some good settings to use? I use the Anti-motion/blur setting in the Scene mode & I get some great shots, but the processing time after snapping each shot is pretty long. Is there an alternate setting I can use that will reduce blur & give quality shots, yet have a less processing time? I just hate having to wait for a shot to process, where I can miss another opportunity to take a good shot.

-To record videos, is there a difference between just pushing the movie button while the camera is set to any mode, and recording videos when the camera is set specifically to Movie mode?

Any tips would be helpful, as I have to take pictures & videos this weekend for an online publication, and I want to make sure I'm maximizing all my options of producing some great quality results.