Sony Touchscreen Laptop and External Monitor

by Blazin65 - 5/1/13 1:43 PM

This is the first time I've posted on the Sony forum so Hello!

I purchased a Sony touchscreen laptop a few months ago and I've been pretty happy with it. The model number is SVE14A35CXH.

The only thing that has surprised me is the external monitor capability.

When I first hooked it up to my 20 inch Acer external monitor with VGA, the picture was pretty good. But since the new laptop had HDMI connection, I thought I would upgrade my monitor to 22 inches and utilize the HDMI connection. Obviously I thought this would be great. But not at all. I tried both an HP and an Acer 22" monitor with HDMI connection and the picture was not good at all compared to the older 20" with VGA.

I'm just curious if anyone has had this experience? I'm thinking it's either a poor video card in the laptop, or a laptop (any laptop) just can't handle a 22" external monitor.

Any thoughts? If I'm posting this in the wrong forum, please let me know.