I am looking to purchase a new TV. I am looking for opinions

by Jwat10 - 3/20/13 12:15 PM

I am looking to ourchase a new TV. Anywhere from a 37 inch to 40 inch TV. I have owned a 32 inch Sony bravia for about 6 years. I love the TV; it has fantastic picture sound. It is an 720p LCD 60hz. no complaints at all, like I said. However, I am interested in upgrading to a bigger TV. I would go with another Sont in a heart beat, just too high for my budget. I am looking for a 37 - 40 inch tv for 300 - 425. I have seen a couple insignia tvs for 399 that re 39 inches. Good deals in my opinion however its a house brand and it is best buy. I am a liittle skeptical. I also bought a slim LED 1080p 120hz LG this past Christmas and I love the TV. It was a family gift and I have zero complaints right now. It is only a few months old though.
Please share your opinions and reviews!