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Sony Blu-ray - Samsung TV Connectivity Error

by courtc2911 - 12/20/12 12:00 PM

TV = Samsung LNT4053
Blu-ray = Sony BDP-S590

Setup works when using red, white & yellow component cables (player connected directly to TV)
Setup works when player is directly connected to TV through HDMI cable (to HDMI 3 port)

Setup DOES NOT work when connecting player (on HDMI 2 DVD port) through CAT5 connection utilizing Monoprice HDMI extender:

When the Blue-ray player is powered on, the TV and player are visibly communicating as you will quickly see a "Blu-ray" trademark displayed on the TV screen, then a black screen with the below error messages. When the Blu-ray player is powered off the TV displays white static.

Error received on TV is:
"Searching for Signals", then displays
"Check signal cable", then displays
"Not supported mode"

These three error codes just keep cycling over and over...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please do not recommend I use the direct connect solution as my wife will not allow it. It puts the player on the floor below the TV which she has said is "unacceptable" even though it's fine by me, LOL...