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Issue with Sony Bravia Home Theatre System

by crashbang - 9/5/12 11:03 AM

I have a DAV-HDX589W and recently it started having an audio issue. The other day I was watching a movie on my Blu-Ray player and the sound was fine, but the next day I came home and put my iPhone on the DImport and nothing but static came from all the speakers. This is not the low frequency hum, but rather overpowering pure "snowy" static, like you've stumbled upon a channel you dont get on your TV. I've done LOADS of troubleshooting and here's what I've discovered:

- The static is volume dependent; turning the volume up/down changes the level of the static, muting cuts it completely, night mode ducks the low end static.

- Static does not appear to be interference from any other equipment I have. I moved the entertainment center, unplugged everything and hooked everything up one by one.

- Not a bad HDMI cable or port. Video works fine and I swapped for another known working cable and it does the same. Also it doesn't go away when unplugged.

- Static is mainly focused in the right front speaker. I unplugged the speakers one by one, and when unplugging front right, the static was monumentally quieter. Tried swapping R and L front cables and when I plugged the L cable into the R port, the insanely loud static returned. However, I don't feel like it's the port itself because MOST of the static is coming from there, but it's still noticibly audible in all speakers.

- Audio from whatever input I am on will not play at all/"mix" with the static.

- The only time the static isn't present is when using the DVD player that is built in to the reciever.

I'm at my wit's end. Any ideas??