Resolved question

Slide Show w/ XBR

by lneiner - 7/21/12 3:12 PM

I've got a new 46" Sony XBR and it's awesome. There is only one complaint. Whenever we go on a vacation, I edit some of our digital pics, add a soundtrack and burn it to a DVD, all using a free program in Windows. If I then view the DVD on any of my computers, the colors are right and the dimensions of the pictures are the same as the native size of the JPG. When I view the same DVD on my Sony, played with a Sony Blu-ray player, the images are stretched a bit and the color shift is really noticeable. I've looked in the Windows program to see if there are some settings I could change, and there aren't. Is there a setting for either the Blu-ray or the TV that I need to change? Why doesn't the DVD look the same on two different of relatively the same resolution?

Thanks for your help.