Sony Walkman NWZ-A816 not recognised at all!!

by fatguyslim - 4/7/12 9:21 PM

Hey guys, I have tried to troubleshoot this problem for a while but it doesn't seem to get solved. On the internet I only find cases where the usb is at least recognised on the device manager. My NWZ-A816 walkman worked fine over the years but now suddenly none of my usb ports recognise the device. I mean it doesn't even show up in the device manage so that I could uninstall or do something with it. It might seem like the cable is dead but it is not. When I connect device to usb power socket it works fine and charges the device fine. But when connected to the computer it doesn't even blink the little *******.

At times it works but then goes away after few seconds but even that doesn't seem to happen now lol. Can anyone please tell me what can I do to fix this problem. Cheers