BDP S580 Frustration

by mcsteve2012 - 3/26/12 5:59 PM

So I purchased this player last fall based on 2 things: it had built in wireless and the box claimed compatible with Netflix. After a very frustrating 2 hour setup (I had to setup a second router as an access point in my basement directly under the player) I finally was able to get this thing live. The system is neither reliable or stable but it did work most days.

About 2 weeks ago my daughter call me while I was on a road trip. She said Netflix had disappeared from the Sony's menu. I finally got around to checking it out yesterday and it was indeed gone with several new internet video apps in its place. Be aware that Netflix was working just fine for several months up to this point and I have a valid subscription that is not maxed out on devices. Since day 1 the player has has access to the internet and has received several updates without issue.

I started my quest with the online chat through after about 25 minutes of resetting this and factory default that I was told to call tech support at 239-768-7547 so I did. Let me say I started this at 5:12pm according to the chat log. It was 5:36 when I placed the call.

After running through several more resets, factory defaults, verifying internet connections and switching to a hard wired connection directly to my router, the call was escalated to Bill. Bill ran me through many of the same things I had previously done but then asked me to verify my IP through a web site that showed my location as Lorado, TX. He then checked his system and it showed me as being in the UK. I live outside Toronto Canada. You know, that country just to the north of the US. He escalated me to another rep (Dave I think, I didn't right his name down).

Dave took my MAC address and then did some more checking. Guess what, Sony thanks Canada is in the UK so the last software update took my Netflix away and replaced it with European content.

Dave said they would have to get some things done at their end but it could not happen till the next day. Up to this point I had been quite calm but the prospect of prolonging this experience did not appeal to me. Dave assured me someone would call me at about 11:30 am the next day (this morning). This was after spending almost 3 hours by this point. I reluctantly hung up.

You probably guessed that no one called me back. I called the support line again, this time armed with my incident # E53936560. To my surprise this was a valid # but I once again had to explain my problem and work my way through the system. Not of good spirits was I!

The second level of support, Koichi (C52C) basically said there is nothing he could do except send my file to engineering who would look at it and see if they can resolve it. He could not do that now as no one was there and they don't take calls anyway. By this time it had been another 25 minutes on the phone and I was frustrated beyond belief. After all, this is what Dave was to have done for my original call. This Koichi also said I had only spoken with 2 people the previous day, not to some guy named Dave. At this point I ask for the manager. Oh fool am I. Koichi put me on hold for a few minutes and then returned to tell me he spoke with Bill from the previous day and Bill didn't tell me I would get a call. He also said Bill did not transfer me to anyone. Excuse me, I thought I was waiting to speak to a manager. Koichi said no, I could not. He said no one was available and I could not speak to anyone. Hello?

Well, after spending another 29 minutes on this call I have decided that yes, I am a fool for purchasing Sony. I was a Sony guy at one time but got screwed on a TV and swore I would never purchase Sony again. How soon we forget.