Laptop HDMI output to standalone HTIB (NO TV)

by metturr - 5/11/10 6:23 PM

I got a new Sony Vaio VPCCW27FX Laptop with Blu ray player and HDMI port bcoz I hav a Panasonic SC-BT300 HTIB. I DO NOT hav a TV for now. So,
my question is: Can I use a HDMI cable to send the audio output to my HTIB and watch the video right on my laptop? I did connect the hdmi cable and no audio output. So, I've called Sony Tech support and hav askd them why don't I get audio in my home theater system. Their response was that this type of connection is not possible (i mean you cannot get audio output with this type of conn and laptop has to be connected to TV only). Please advise me what do I hav to do in order for me to use this connection and get audio output on my HTIB? I will buy a TV in the future but rt now plz suggest me.