HP DV7 problems

by topfuel67 - 5/20/13 9:49 PM

I bought a HP DV7 6c43cl laptop 1 year and 3 months ago. It came with a 2 year warranty. I have never taken it out of my house and it has always been gently handled. The screen has cracked on the top right where you pull the screen shut. Also, the battery will not charge and the laptop shuts off if the charger is unplugged. I called costco concierge to have the warranty repair. They called HP and HP is charging $236 to repair the screen and won't do the warranty repair on the battery unless the screen is repaired. I explained to them I have never dropped or abused the laptop and the screen broke due to the cheap design. They said oh well. Not covered under warranty. I will never buy another HP product again. This laptop was $750 and is by far the cheapest build quality of any laptop I have ever owned. I just found a brand new screen online for $70 and plenty of reviews stating it takes a first timer 10 minutes. So not only does HP make a cheap product, but they gouge you by making you pay inflated prices to get warranty repair on other parts. The tech even suggested I run an extended diagnostic so they can repair other issues it may have. Stay away from HP!!!!