Tech Support from Hell

by Poimetheus - 5/19/13 7:46 PM

Okay, I'm going to try and keep this brief without skimping on the gory details.

I'm a technician for an IT enterprise that carries a partnership with HP. Recently, I had done some trouble-shooting to ultimately determine that a HP port replicator's DVI port had failed.

I contacted HP for an RMA. Two weeks go by and I still have not received my RMA. I called HP again to get to the bottom of this, and learned that my clients' port replicator had a somewhat mysterious origin.

The HP rep told me that the problem was that there was no record of that part existing in their data-base, and that is why I never received a replacement. By the end of the conversation, I was assured that I would receive my replacement.

Two days later I received a port replicator, although it was quite different from the one I had returned. One thing was missing, the AC adapter. I again contacted HP to have them send me the adapter, but they required a serial number or part number (as they always do) for the adapter. It took fifteen minutes to get the rep to understand that I did not have one to pull a serial or part number from. This ultimately became a point of confusion for them, so I started referring to the replicator as "the thing I do not have".

I provided them with the SN from the replicator they had sent me, and every person I talked to told me that the SN was incorrect and so was the part number. I even sent them a picture of the SN tags on the back next to an HP logo, and they still insisted I was giving them the wrong number.

Long story short, hours of tech support and hundreds of wasted dollars later, I receive my AC adapter in the mail, but not the part that connects the transformer to the wall (The part with the plug on it). Again we go through the process of trying to obtain a numberless part for something with a non existent SN.

Ultimately, a supervisor located what i needed and started ranting about how I'll receive a bill for the part if I do not send them the one I'm replacing within 5 days of receipt of the replacement. Once more I was forced to remind the rep that the thing they want me to send them is "the thing I do not have" (because they never sent it to me!"

Days later I receive this part in the mail as well (finally! It's now been 3 weeks!)

Here it is, Sunday 5/19, I received that part over a week ago, and last friday (5/18) I received an envelope from HP with a bill for an AC adapter, claiming that they never received "the thing I do not have".

Not to mention that the entire time, they keep referring to the replicator as a "dock".

This would have been far more hilarious when i was still pissed about it, and not so tired. I'll coordinate better rants of my tech support endeavors in the future.