Resolved question support group won't let me post about Envy 4-1043CL

by TheMassageTeam - 10/23/12 1:33 PM

well lah dee dah! Guess I'm not good enough for them!

LOL anyhow, I have a fairly new Envy Ultrabook with the above model #. The trackpad and/or the GUI will become non-responsive. The trackpad's tracking area, the buttons, everything. Only way to yank it back is a reboot or sometimes sleep/re-awake. Sometimes this is so bad that even using the keyboard to Start > Shutdown > Sleep won't even respond when I hit Enter even though I can Arrow around the screen. At that point I have to do a force restart with with Power button.

This is becoming a deal-breaker issue with this model, which is otherwise a great little Ultrabook. As I've manoevered far enought to create this post I'm waiting to see if this fails at the last moment!