C/net's marketplace-HP Pavilion laptop for $430.00!

by angel42 - 8/10/12 11:24 PM

The C/net's Cheapskate site, advertised an HP Pavilion AMD Quad 2.4 GHz laptop for $430.00 at BestBuy (pickup only). So, I clicked on the title and it took me to C/net's Marketplace website, advertising the same deal. So, I called my local BestBuy Dept. store and spoke with a Debbie and advised her of the website sale. She said that she found the laptop that I was inquiring about and would hold it for me, until I picked it up later that day. So, when I went to BestBuy and asked the same woman that I spoke with on the phone, about the laptop that I had on hold, she had someone bring it to me. But it was the wrong one that they had on hold! The one on hold, was a dual-core cpu, with no graphic's card! I advised them of this and that the laptop that I saw advertised, was a quad-core cpu laptop, with a AMD Radeon HD 6520G graphics card! So, after checking their computers, the one that was advertised on C/net, was a display model only, that was being phased-out by BestBuy! Same model number and specs.! But, since it was still in good shape, I went ahead and purchased it anyway! But Folks, Beware! The HP laptop advertised on C/Net, may be a display model only, depending on your location! That is why they can't deliver it and why it is so cheap! I just wish that C/net and BestBuy's website, would have mentioned that!